First of all, thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoy your stay 🙂

So, I guess you came here to find out what this website/blog is all about and really to gain some more info? In that case, I will keep it short;

  • Its a Blog without a specific fixed subject.
  • I am a creative individual with many interests and hobbies, this blog will serve as an outlet for that creativity.
  • There really will be almost no limits about what could or couldn’t end up on this website, however whatever happens I will ensure it is kept family friendly 🙂

Still reading?

Great! to explain myself a bit better. I have owned this domain and run a subsequent blog/website for many years however, the content was always strictly related to one subject, namely photography and content posted surrounding that subject…for example travel blog posts with a photographic nature.

Well I’ve decided there is simply too little time to be limited to only one subject in this crazy fast-paced world. To give you some kind of idea of what you can expect, my hobbies include (but are not limited to) photography, RC Modelling, Movies & TV Shows, custom PC building, tech in general, hiking, travelling & many more. Expect to see build logs, reviews and much more!

Another thing I have thought of lately as well is…you hardly see any writing creative writing/blogging these days! YouTube and vloggers have taken over the scene (frankly I take my hat off to them, it takes an incredible amount of effort to run a YouTube channel) so the plan is to participate in all these hobbies along with my love of writing and share the experience as I go. The only thing this blog will not be about is work. I have a regular job which I love but this blog will never ever speak of it. That is another part of life 🙂

You might like this blog, you might hate it. But its mine and for me…plus anyone else who wants to see.

Thanks for reading, enjoy your stay 🙂