We’re back

Huh? whos there? Is this thing on?

Hi all!

Yes, we haven’t posted a blog post for…well a long time now.

So what happened? Well in July 2016 we finished our ‘big trip’ by arriving at Portugal and this time, it was to stay, we began to set up our lives and settle down. At this point, we were a couple of months behind on the blog. With the original intention of finishing off all the outstanding photos and posting trip reports from the remaining countries we visited as part of this tour (still 5 more to do!) and then simply occasionally post when we go on holidays, or a long weekend somewhere or just explore something new and exciting that is worth sharing.

However, reality hit us. Suddenly, we had gone from 8 months of doing whatever we want, whenever we wanted…to needing jobs, somewhere to live, stuff for the place where we live. Oh, my…how it hit us.

In the grand scheme of things, everything was ok. We were lucky to both find jobs pretty quickly and an apartment quickly after that. Naturally, during all of this, the photo work and the blog had to take a back seat whilst adulting things took a priority. On the other side of the coin, Jake was facing “new country” struggles (learning a foreign language, adapting to a different way of living etc) and before we knew it…there was a dry spell. The camera wasn’t touched for months, Adobe Lightroom wasn’t open for longer than that. Weeks turned into months…

Outside of photography/blogging stuff, everything else then started to look up… in December 2016, we got engaged. A date was set for June in 2017 and before we knew it…we’re married! The day itself was perfect. We both had the exact small and simple wedding we wanted. During the time building up to the wedding, the good news continued. Jake found a new job! (which was incredibly welcome after problems at the previous one) He now works for an amazing company doing the kind of IT work he loves. Overall…everything was better.

Where have we been since we got back from our big trip?

Since returning from our trip and getting back into a routine, we’ve squeezed in a few holidays (of course!) So far we have made it to;

  • UK,
  • Egypt twice,
  • Kenya & Zanzibar,
  • Norway,
  • Majorca,
  • Explored various parts of Portugal

This summarises the rest of our absence quite well!

So why come back to the blog?

Well, the dry spell that was mentioned? I (Jake) feel like I am through this. I am once again hugely feeling the craving need to take photos and push the boundaries. Creative juices are flowing…I am regularly out with the camera again…which has gone from being a professional dust collector to a camera back in regular use! It has inspired me to come back and pick this project back up and continue to push it further. Basically…I want to get back into regular blogging!

What now?

Having been thinking a lot about the future of the blog, its structure…and how to shape it going forward. We have some ideas we would like to try but we’re thinking something along the lines of…

  • Posting this “update” post – check!
  • Creating and posting blogs for the remaining “big trip” destinations. The photos are done, we just need to write the content. At this stage, they would be more photos than words due to time passing and not specifically remember the order of all events such as in previous posts.
  • Expanding the blog with additional sections, no longer would it be limited to just travelling! (food anyone?)

Once upon a time this blog had over 100 subscribers and was getting good regular views and generating a lot of good discussions. Once being in Dahab, Egypt once and a random came up to me and said “oh you’re that guy with the travel blog! rock on!”

That’s it for now. I’ll make it a personal mission to get the remaining 5 ‘big trip’ posts done at a suggested rate of one per week and begin developing more of the blog as it goes along.

Peace out

Jake & Ana


  1. Bruno
    August 9, 2018

    Good stuff bud! I will remember you to publish new content!!


    1. Jake Ellwood
      August 9, 2018

      Sounds good 😀


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