Olá a todos desde Sydney!

Sydney was our final stop for Australia before leaving the country to travel even further southeast. We were lucky enough to be able to stay with friends whilst here and it was great being able to spend Christmas with people we knew. We also spent longer here than anywhere else in Australia, 2 weeks in total. It allowed us plenty of time to see everything we wanted to without rushing around much and take some lazy days, which made a nice change 🙂

We explored a lot of the CBD and whilst in Sydney we visited the ‘usual’ touristy icons, such as the Opera House, the Botanic Gardens and the Harbour Bridge. We also visited Darling Harbour, which has the worlds biggest IMAX screen. Coincidentally we just so happened to be here when the new Star Wars film was being released, it would have been rude not to go and see it there!

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When it came to the weather, Australia had set its own standards pretty high. We had a lot of good sunny days and on one of those we took a walk from Coogee beach to Bondi. We would really recommend doing this; it takes a few hours at a moderate pace and gives great views the whole way.

Also, as food is always the priority, in Bondi we discovered the ‘Bondi Wholefoods’ restaurant and could not resist visiting for lunch. The restaurant itself was small, cosy and a zen place, with “longevity through nutrition” as their motto. Everything on the menu was made up of organic ingredients and the food was simply delicious!

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The Christmas day was for most of us our first one in the sun! Temperatures in the high 20’s and needing sun cream whilst listening to Christmas music was a very odd feeling…and one we could all get very used to. For the day we visited a local park with a lake to have some fun in the canoes and then have a BBQ with a beer.

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On one of the days, we got a train down to the Olympic park site, which at this time of year was like a ghost town. However, it allowed us to take a catamaran up the river back towards the city, giving us a different view and perspective of some places we had previously seen. It also let us take a fun selfie, it’s not everyday you can take one on a boat like this!

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Whilst exploring more of the CBD, we were told about and visited Luna Park. It’s an amusement park that was opened in 1935 and has been kept to look like it ever since. It’s got a very creepy/spooky vibe about it, plus an entrance to put the fear of clowns into anyone.

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A couple of other places we visited were the Sydney State Library and the Cathedral. The former had 2 fantastic exhibitions on. The first was surrounding rock photographer, Tony Mott who is the most famous rock band photographer of all time (certainly in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s); and the second was a tribute to the Sydney siege which was almost 1 year ago.

The Cathedral was a site to behold, giving breathtaking architecture and the sheer vastness of it all was a lot to take in.

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In summary…

On the whole we thoroughly enjoyed Australia. We spent a total of 6 weeks here and made a point of sticking to the east coast based on other peoples recommendations and we think this was definitely the right thing to do. If we had longer here we would have definitely liked to have visited Uluru (Ayers rock) and possibly Perth & Darwin.

Whilst we certainly liked Australia (with Brisbane being our favourite city) and were very glad we visited there, we would not say we fell in love with it. We have heard of many people coming to here for a holiday and staying for months as they cannot get enough; not for us! But do not let that put you off! It’s definitely one to visit with a hell of a lot to offer anyone. We would come back to visit friends and do some more scuba diving, that’s for certain!

After leaving Australia we headed to New Zealand, and currently we are in Christchurch. There will be another blog post in a few weeks after we’ve done some exploring.

Stay tuned!

Jake & Ana

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