Next on our list was this small country! A bustling metropolis and hive of activity. A booming city full of life and businesses. It felt like a newer and cleaner London (with blue sky and much nicer weather). What made Singapore a rare place was that it is a city which can offer great work opportunities for both of us. After visiting so many new places (and loving most of them for different reasons), Singapore was the first country we both mentioned to each other that we would love to come and work here. Normally you would find somewhere which is more suited to one with little potential for the other. With Jake specialising in IT Consultancy and Ana in hospitality, this is quite rare to find a place which can accommodate both.

The city is expanding at a rapid rate, we found ongoing construction in a lot of places. We tried some amazing food, visited some local monuments, and took an open bus tour which was a brilliant way of covering a lot of ground when running short on time! What made the exploration fun was finding random statues and looking at the architecture. It all had a very fresh and modern feeling to it, some of it very random, yet it didn’t look out of place. One example is the metal Pandas you see below, or the huge triple hotel with a large rooftop garden/bar connecting all three towers.

P4010854 P4010860 P4010861 P4010862 P4010864 P4010866 P4010871 P4010872 P4010874 P4010881 P4010889 P4010890 P4010896 P4010906 P4010926 P4010938 P4010945 P4010948-2 P4010956 P4010960 P4010964 P4010967 P4010974 P4010978

Our time here was the shortest of all, barely 24 hours. But it didn’t matter…we were so glad we visited! Not only has it given us potential ideas for work next year…Singapore is such a beautiful place, we just really enjoyed being here! It has a fantastic vibe about the itself with friendly local Singaporeans and helpful city goers who offer to assist when they see you scratching your head at the bus timetable!

Until next time!

Jake & Ana


  1. Damo
    April 23, 2016

    Stunning shots as per . Looks like a fantastic journey so far……..not jealous in the slightest……. no……. not a bit………really, I’m not ……….

    1. Jake Ellwood
      April 23, 2016

      Haha thanks mate! Hope you and the family are all well! Beers soon!

      Philippines blog post up soon 😉


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