After a crazy 24 hours in Singapore, we headed to the Philippines…more specifically, Cebu Island. Our intention was to spend a week enjoying some Scuba Diving & then spend a few days in the city of Cebu itself before head up to Manilla.

We landed at Cebu Airport around 7am. We didn’t sleep much on the plane as usual and we also had a 3 hour drive to Moalboal on the west side of the island. We figured we would try and get some sleep in the car…the driver clearly had other ideas as he sped through the winding bumpy roads and threw us around in the back of the car.

Alas, we arrived…puffy eyed and dishevelled from the journey, but we had made it. We were staying and diving with Quo Vadis – Ana found it when doing some research on diving in the Philippines. Contacting them and making all the arrangements was very easy with quick clear responses, plus what was very appealing was the fact that it isn’t just a dive centre, but a whole resort. Your accommodation, food & drinks diving and relaxing all in one place. It was a big selling point for us…that and the very reasonable prices.

Our week’s worth of diving here was fantastic. While we only saw a small plane wreck in the area, there is lots of superb coral & fish life. Lots of encounters with Turtles giving plenty of photo opportunities…see below for one particularly close encounter! Also not forgetting the Sardines dive, seeing millions of them all around you is definitely something Jake will not forget anytime soon.

Another thing that really added to our visit was the friends we made while we were there. We met a fantastic Swedish couple called and quickly found we all got along very well and will definitely be keeping in touch and meeting again the future.

The thing with travelling on trips like this is not only going to these different countries and experiencing them, but also the people you meet along the way, other travellers with a similar mindset to yourself, people you get along with from the very beginning as if you have known them for a long time…it’s what makes it all very special. We are very lucky to have met them both!

Our time in Moalboal had come to an end. We both really liked it…it reminded us of Dahab in a lot of ways, a similar laid back vibe to it. We would definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a break to somewhere quiet with nice easy fun diving!

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Onto Cebu…as we previously mentioned when we originally arrived in the Philippines, we were half asleep so we didn’t notice too much of anything passing by the taxi, but on the way back we were shocked by the vast slums and derelict buildings we passed…it was a bit of a reality check considering where we had just came from!

We spent 3 days in the city and explored it all on foot. We found some local monuments and some other more shocking things…see the photo of the power cables as an example! We found this everywhere! Something that also followed us most places was the constant smell of car fumes and fried food. Still, we do not regret going there. It broadens your horizon a lot of how a mere few hours in a car can completely change your perspective on a place as a whole, the power cables were shocking! ehem….

Afterwards we flew to the Philippines capital, Manila. It was in some ways similar to Cebu. It was very crowded, busy and crazy in most places. The main difference is the sheer size of it…which gave us more to explore and discover! We visited the usual monuments and museums to get to know some of the Philippines history. One thing we can say though…the country gives amazing sunsets!

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Thanks for reading; our next stop is Japan! More to come very soon! 🙂

Jake & Ana

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