Next stop, Melbourne!

Greetings from Portugal! Olá!

After an extremely busy few months, from booking the flights to Australia back in September, the moment has finally arrived. Today at 13:35, we will be boarding our Emirates flight to Melbourne, Australia.

The journey is as follows. It will stop at Dubai for 90 minutes to change planes, then it carries on until Kuala Lumpur, where the plane will refuel and make its way to the final stop of Melbourne. Total travel time is 25 hours…we’re sure by the end of that we will not be as bouncy as we are now.

Rewinding one week. We left the UK on November 9th and began our drive to Ana’s parents house in Seia, Portugal. The first part of the journey was from Essex to Newhaven, then a ferry crossing to Dieppe, France. From there we drove to Irun, Spain (pretty much without stopping). The next day, we made our way to Portugal, and finally we arrived.

DSC_0004 DSC_0013

Queue one extremely busy week, unpacking the car, the sofa arriving from the UK (we couldn’t let it go!), re-organising the backpacks, eating A LOT of delicious Portuguese food (although that is standard in this country) and before we knew we’re sitting here in Lisbon airport, before embarking on one of the longest plane journeys possible.


We have updated the Map and have worked out we have covered approximately covered 1250 miles so far.

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Take off is in 90 minutes.

See you on the other side!

Jake & Ana

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