Just over 2 weeks to go, the final countdown!

The final countdown is officially on!

It’s been a long time coming but we can now see light at the end of the tunnel, our break for freedom is getting closer and with us getting busier sorting out the last minute items and saying final goodbyes to people, it’s approaching faster than ever.

Before I get too involved in that, Ana and I went to Bruges recently for a random couple of days away and fun little road trip. We enjoyed it a lot! Lots of walking, enjoying the architecture, the sights…and maybe some Belgian chocolate…ehem.

Have a couple of photos 🙂







There are a lot more photos, haven’t had the time to go through them properly yet, I’ll do a separate post for when I do!

Aside from that, I’ve expanded the blog a bit to help document the trip. I’ve added a page called ‘Map‘ and have embedded a Google Map which we will edit and update as our trip progresses. It’s a bit experimental at the moment whilst I play around with it but I can see that growing quite a lot. The idea being that for anyone who wants to know where we were last known to be can see, plus we can link posts/photos to each destination as it’s another way for us to remember key moments…lets see where it goes!

I’ve also added a contact page for anyone that wants to get hold of either of us. I’ve done this in form method to try and avoid unnecessary spam. 🙂

What else is going on? Well pretty much everything is sold now, the only remaining BIG item to get rid of is the Sofa, otherwise we’re pretty much there. We move into Dads new place tomorrow as my place has now been sold.

Also, one thing that has been a weird and surreal experience…after years of working and spending on materialistic things…reducing everything down to the absolute bare minimum…either selling off or giving away your possessions as we simply won’t need them for at least a year. The wardrobe now has maybe a weeks worth of clothes (outside of what’s in the backpack), I’ve never owned such a LITTLE amount of tech since I was about 14…it feels good.

I think that’s all for now, the next post will be from Portugal.


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