Ireland – Easter 2015

Howdy all,

So I visited Ireland over the Easter Break to catch up with my sister and get some time out in the fresh air and with the camera.

Didn’t do the touristy things like before, but more spent time on the farm, time with the sister, enjoying the outdoors.

Not a huge amount to say about this trip but more just showing just how beautiful Ireland is. What a truly awesome place. All these were taken either in Athlone or close by 🙂

Farm Pano JEP_7763 JEP_7770
JEP_7832 JEP_7833
JEP_7851 JEP_7870 JEP_7880
JEP_7896 JEP_7901 JEP_7903 JEP_7904 JEP_7907 JEP_7972 JEP_7979

JEP_8036 JEP_8059 JEP_8081 JEP_8089
JEP_8096 JEP_8152 JEP_9038 JEP_9042 JEP_9057 Loch Pano Pano1 StarStaX_JEP_8303-JEP_8163_lighten-22-2

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