Ireland! A bit overdue.

Back at the beginning-ish of November I went to visit my sister who lives in Athlone, Ireland. It was a much needed break after a lot of recent upset and it involved staying on her boyfriends Dairy Farm.

I tried my hand at a little farming (and by that I mean I did a few hours one evening, so it really was a little.



First off we visited Clonmacnoise with the River Shannon running right next to it, this was a pretty impressive place.



Below is the famous whispering arches. If you put your ear to the hollowed out parts of the arch, someone on the other side can whisper and the noise would travel.






Then we headed into Athlone itself, into ‘Town’








Naturally, we had to visit.



We also visited the Guiness Factory. But I didn’t take too many photos here. This came out well though.



Aside from this I took my Diving equipment and went diving in Portroe Quarry, it involved a mega early start but I was greeted with this view from the farm first thing. Worth it.


We arrived mid morning-ish and crammed in 3 dives that day, then 2 further dives the day after. It was nice to be back in the water!





Obligatory creepy Quarry equipment photo.


And naturally the whereabouts of my sister being questioned. Ah the fun of 3 minute stops eh?



In short it was a much needed break and more than anything it was such a culture shock! The phone barely worked, people actually spoke to each other (shocker) and the country is simply stunning.

Plus I got to feed some fresh calves 🙂



I’ll certainly be going back for a visit very soon! (and some more diving, one hopes)



Things are busy otherwise. The New Year, as cheesy as it sounds, has given me a new lease of life for many reasons! I’m getting my lifestyle back in order, and feeling very much like ‘me’ again! Along with embracing the photography, cramming in as many dive plans as possible along with catching up with a lot of old faces again! 2015 is certainly shaping up to be a corker!

In roughly 2 weeks today I’ll be on my way back from what I hope will be an awesome weekends diving in Plymouth, I’ve also started my TDI Courses with Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures…yes yes I know it’s very boring, I’ll stop with that now.

Things are certainly on the up, and as such I thought it was time to finally go through some photos from last year. Lots to look forward to so I didn’t want them getting lost.

Over and out for now…

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