Hey all, At the end of May on the bank holiday Ana and I headed to Helsinki for a random weekend away in somewhere we hadn’t been before! (it’s terrible suffering from this travelling bug, I assure you) We flew out on the Friday night after work and by the time we landed and found a taxi it was gone midnight. First thing I noticed was the daylight still in the sky. We headed into the city and found the hotel (which was a surprise) – Ana had booked us into the Glo Hotel which was stunning. We knew this weekend would include random festivals & events happening throughout the city. We had some very simple goals for the weekend…to see the sights, eat lots of food….and pick up a Starbucks mug (it’s a little tradition of mine) Enjoy the photos…   JEP_9160 JEP_9161 JEP_9163 JEP_9167 JEP_9170 JEP_9171 JEP_9173 JEP_9174 JEP_9176 JEP_9177 JEP_9178 JEP_9179 JEP_9181 JEP_9182 JEP_9198 JEP_9206 JEP_9221 JEP_9243 JEP_9251 JEP_9264 JEP_9268 JEP_9269 JEP_9272 JEP_9277 JEP_9293 JEP_9298 JEP_9310 JEP_9312 JEP_9236 JEP_9237 JEP_9240 JEP_9257 JEP_9351 Pano2 JEP_9324 JEP_9338 JEP_9356 JEP_9382 JEP_9386 JEP_9413 JEP_9425 JEP_9430 JEP_9438   In other news. There is a big announcement coming up…soon 🙂 Stay tuned! The next trip/post is a trip to Anglesey, a diving trip at that. Over and out! Jake

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