First post of 2015! Richmond Park, Deer and the year ahead!

Evening all,

2015 is here and so are my plans! A hell of a lot is lined up already giving me masses to look forward to.

Anyway, new years resolutions…

  • Complete 100 Scuba dives – I cannot wait for this, currently have at least 76 dives currently planned…if all goes to plan. This should prove to be a complete blast!
  • Reconnect with photography – I feel I’ve made a good start on this already (see photos below) but to make a big point of regularly (at least once a month) going out with the camera, not for just work!
  • Complete the London to Brighton Bike ride.

It’s a short and sweet list to the point, I could of course list the obvious ones…losing weight for example, you know those ones which end up on the list every year but never actually get done.

Nope, I thought I’d post a challenging yet realistic list! I’m beginning the first one next weekend with 2 dives to visit the Pentyrch Wreck off of Brighton. A nice none Heroic dive to start the season off with, and I’m at Plymouth at the end of the month for 3 days, fun times to be had!

Anyway, time for photos. My friend Mark and I headed to Richmond Park today to attempt to photograph the Deer that reside there.

It was foggy, it was cold…perseverance paid off.

JEP_7163 JEP_7227 JEP_7227-2 JEP_7200 JEP_7200-2 JEP_7197 JEP_7185 JEP_7169 JEP_7636 JEP_7555 JEP_7555-2 JEP_7546 JEP_7546-2 JEP_7531 JEP_7519 JEP_7509 JEP_7494 JEP_7434 JEP_7419 JEP_7412 JEP_7395 JEP_7387 JEP_7367 JEP_7352 JEP_7387 JEP_7367 JEP_7352 JEP_7352-2 JEP_7341 JEP_7300 JEP_7290 JEP_7287 JEP_7277 JEP_7252-3 JEP_7247

It was eerie and it was fun!

Another post to come up soon!

Thanks for reading!


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