Anglesey Dive Trip – Check your gear!

Afternoon all,

Recently I went diving with a friend and her dive club in Anglesey, North Wales. I was very excited as this was my first bunch of sea dives for a long time  due to work commitments…so yes, excitement was high!

I arrived late on Friday night and setup camp, introductions were made, beers were drunk (standard) – we agreed a plan and settled in for an early night.

Now I’m the kind of diver who is pretty religious with his equipment, having been ingrained in me from the get go about a set way things should be, I have a routine for my equipment setup…tanks out, hoses on and routed, pressure checked… etc etc you get the idea…part of this routine is my Drysuit pocket check, left pocket is spare torch and slate, right pocket is spare mask. All of this is always the same so in the event of a zero-viz situation, I can find what I need, if I need it, without struggling.

Anyway, we proceed to dive one. We’re enjoying the dive, the viz is good, its not cold (any Red Sea divers can stop laughing right now) and my buddy is at my Drysuit pocket and grabbing the spare mask, cool no problems, he needs it, that’s what it’s there for. So he grabs it, changes masks, clears…and he can’t see anything, its steaming up too much…he takes it back off, tries to wipe it an attempt to reduce the fog, but to no avail.

Fortunately we were able to finish the dive with my buddy making do with his original mask, but the point of the spare mask is to serve a purpose when needed and it was no good to him. My failure for not checking 100% of my equipment let him down in the long run. I’m just glad this time it wasn’t anything major.

On a more positive side note, the dive was excellent, the wildlife was stunning and I wouldn’t hesitate to go back and see more of North Wales, what a stunning place.

Next stop, is Dahab once more…including taking Ana and introducing her to the clan 🙂




The below is not my image.


5430.Anglesey 059a

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