Adventure is out there!

As said by the famous Charles Muntz!

Back when I was 16 I found a website, called and I was amazed by it. I spent hours and hours reading through the site, filled with jealousy over how many locations Matt was visiting and experiencing. What really sold it for me was when he visited the Salt flats of Salar De Uyuni in Bolivia…that was it, I knew I had to travel at some point in my life, I knew I had to visit the flats and experience them for myself. I’ve followed and visited that site pretty much ever since, watching the dancing videos, looking at photos, reading the stories…it made for a very happy Jake, and not from looking at ‘the usual’ internet content people enjoy from the web.

Since 2013 and visiting Iceland, I’ve tried to make a point of juggling, life/work/traveling and jumping on the plane whenever possible and for a while it’s worked, in that time I’ve visited Dahab in Egypt 5 times, NYC, Ireland twice, Helsinki, along with a number of trips around the UK. However, it’s now come to a point where that quite simply isn’t enough.

We have decided (meaning Ana and I) that now is the time to quit the jobs, grab our backpacks and quite simply “go for it” – we want to go and see the world for ourselves! Visiting wherever takes our fancy! Experiencing different cultures, diving in different places and sites. I don’t have aspirations to own a big house with a fast car anymore…I see people put them through the stress of going through the process so they own a home, that just isn’t for me. It’s time to leave the rat race and experience the world for everything it has to offer!

Our target leaving date is Early-Mid November 2015, naturally I’ll be photographing and blogging as we go. We are heading to Dahab first and will be basing ourselves there whilst scheming the first of hopefully many big trips.

Below is the two photos which truly sold me on going travelling, all those years ago. Copyright goes to Matt Harding from

img_1135 img_1104


To finish off, I’d like to say…the best bit of all of this…is finding someone who wants to experience this with you, to have the adventure with you, to make the adventure with you…I’m incredibly lucky and quite frankly cannot wait, although in many ways the adventure has already begun!

Stay tuned!



  1. Colm O Reilly
    June 17, 2015

    Best of luck guys. Can I have your TV and couch

    1. Jake Ellwood
      June 17, 2015

      Haha and the vultures are circling!


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