Adelaide – Gorge Wildlife Park

Hi all, to Adelaide!

Sorry for the delay with the photos and the blog post; as always we have been very busy with a lot going on and several things happening in quick succession!

Anyway, that aside we arrived in Adelaide safe and sound. The remaining drive after the great ocean road was quiet and uneventful, but that was always going to be the case when you’re comparing it to the GOR.

We spent a week in Adelaide and stayed in a room via AirBNB in Underdale, which was close to the beach, the city and the airport! Our host was fantastic and if you’re ever looking for accommodation in that area, we can pass on her details.

Adelaide city itself was quite the contrast compared to Melbourne! It’s much smaller, very quiet, not many tall buildings and also quite widely spread out. It made a nice change when walking around and exploring though.

On the first day we decided to get the bus, but being impatient, we decided to walk towards the city and go to the next stop to pass the time…which we kept doing…before we knew it we had walked to the city! We walked towards the centre then headed north to the river and walked along there, doubled back through the botanic gardens and headed back into the centre and the market (which by the way was nuts) and then eventually got the bus back to Underdale. The Fitbit told us we had walked over 14km that day! No wonder our feet were sore!

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Over the course of the week we explored more of Adelaide, went to Henley Beach, had a lazy sofa day and then finished the visit off with a trip to the Gorge Wildlife Park, with our main objective was to have a cuddle with a Koala…and we certainly did!!!

The park was somewhere we both really enjoyed, it was great for not only getting up close to animals, but ones which are very tame and used to humans. We were very surprised when the Kangaroos came up to us looking for attention and a stroke.

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Naturally we saw a wide variety of animals throughout the day, we would really recommend it as a place for the whole family. Entry is only $15pp as well, so not bad at all!

They have Koala holdings at certain times of the day, you do not need to book in advance nor do you have to pay extra; you queue up, they bring the Koala’s out, wait your turn and you can either have a pat or a cuddle, ask lots of questions (we certainly did) and get some photos!

PC020197 PC020198 PC020199 PC020209 PC020211 PC020217

We also thought about opening the backpack to fit the little guy in…which we were sure the keeper hadn’t heard before…wonder why she didn’t look very happy; we thought it was a brilliant idea!

That’s it from Adelaide, a great little sleepy city which was well worth the visit. Next up, Brisbane!

Jake & Ana

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  1. peter wright
    December 11, 2015

    Great photos, looks a lovely clean place. Thanks for posting up.


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